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Products >  Beanbags >  Anne-Claire Petit Thick Poof Mix Stripe

Anne-Claire Petit Thick Poof Mix Stripe

Anne-Claire Petit Thick Poof Mix Stripe

This poof or hassock turns is just perfect for children who find chairs boring! 35x23 cm (wxh).

Most of the detailed work of Anne-Claire Petit Accessories is hand-crocheted by women living in countryside villages of Northern China. In this part of the country, women have passed on their handwork traditions for many generations and crocheting is part of their cultural and craft heritage. Over the last decade more and more women have started to work for Anne-Claire and a warm bond has developed. 

At the Amsterdam office of Anne-Claire Petit Accessoires, the creative team brainstorms ideas, chooses color schemes and makes sketches. These are sent to China to the crochet experts who create the first sample and pattern for production. Once the final design is agreed upon, the other women in the villages start crocheting. 
Each item is unique as it is 100% handmade. A 30 cm/12 inch long dachshund for example takes about 3 days of work. The organic cotton is dyed according to the specific ACP colour schemes to ensure the desired intensity. The women, about two hundred, work at home often with their neighbors. They determine their own schedule so when kids come home from school or harvests need to be taken care of the crochet is put aside. After a few months when a ship load is complete, it is shipped to the Dutch warehouse from where the products are send all over the world.

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