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David & Luna: 100% sustainable children furniture and accessories

Our Philosophy

For you it is important that your children get the best.  You would like to give them everything they need. You would like them to grow up with certain values, and at the same time enjoy their childhood freely. You want them to learn and develop through the toys you have bought them. You want them – when they are slightly older – to have an appealing bedroom they are proud of.

What’s right for your children…

With the arrival of children you will quickly learn your way about the world of children furniture and accessories. You purchase the furniture and the toys they (and you!) like, and of which you think they will help the development of your children most.

At first you might not think about the world behind this furniture and toys. How are they produced, and by whom? Does child labour play a role in the production?  What materials are actually used, and what is the burden on the environment?

…. also needs to be right for the world

Weird isn’t it? You want the right and the best for your children, but we are not truly concerned with the world behind the development and production of the items we give them. What is the source or origin of these items? How is it possible that so many toys contain poisonous substances? How is it possible that entire rain forests are being cut for the production of furniture? Can we accept the fact that our children joyfully play with toys that are being manufactured by other children?

We do not think it is acceptable. No matter how small our company is, we strongly believe we can make a change.

Doing right for your child, doing right for the world

That’s why we have started David & Luna, the first ever web shop in the Netherlands with environmentally friendly children-furniture and – accessories. David & Luna offers you the right thing for your child, whilst offering the right thing to the world.

In her search for the right range of products David & Luna went the extra mile in every corner of the world. In numerous, exotic locations around the globe we have encountered people that share our beliefs & thoughts, and they have offered us wonderful products. Therefore, we can proudly say that the assortment of David & Luna is truly a “global assortment”.

David & Luna

Like David was convinced he was going to beat Goliath, we are convinced we can contribute to a better world; despite our company’s size. We strive to offer a bit of lightness in the dark, and hope this ray of light will turn into an ever-increasing beam of light.

We, at David & Luna, are proud that we found like-minded suppliers and sustainable, child-labour-free products that fully express our philosophy.

The web shop is now open at